Window Well Covering Kit

Model: CK-250
Price: $81.00 - $129.98

Product Description

The "Safety Well" basement window well covers are designed with "Safety" and "Security" for your home and family in mind. These professional grade lightweight basement window well covers are built using superior impact resistant, UV-protected, polycarbonate sheet plastic riveted to a continuous structural grade aluminum angle rear support. Installing a "Safety Well" basement window well cover over your open basement window well minimizes the risk of persons or animals falling into deep, uncovered, unprotected basement window wells, preventing possible serious injury while also keeping your window wells clear of unwanted debris, animals, and precipitation. When properly installed using our optional solid steel "SAF-T Lock" locking system, these covers will support a minimum of 250 lbs. This locking system features a pull pin release that quickly unlocks the cover from inside the basement window well without the use of a tool (required by "IBC & IFC Building Codes") making for a quick and easy exit in the event of an emergency. The model CK250 (48" x 26" Rectangular) window well cover is designed for use over typical corrugated steel window wells and can also be installed using our "Well Clips" to secure the cover to the rim of the well. After installation, this cover can be trimmed (if needed) to the profile (plus up to a 1" overhang around the perimeter) of any type basement window well (steel, concrete, block, timber etc...) by using an ordinary jigsaw equipped with an aluminum cutting blade (8 to 12 teeth per inch blade for best results) making for a perfect fit window well cover over any type of window well. Also, see our "Egress Escape Ladders" that are typically required by code for this size basement window well.

Product Features:
• Every product begins with "Award Winning Customer Service"
• Basement window wells are the #1 entry point for home invasions. Deter intruders with "SafetyWell" basement window well covers
• Minimizes the risk of persons falling into deep, uncovered, unprotected basement window wells preventing possible serious injury
• Durable and Lightweight so even young children can lift off the cover and escape quickly in the event of an emergency
• Keeps window wells clear of unwanted debris, animals, and precipitation
• Made with impact resistant, UV-protected, polycarbonate sheet plastic and structural grade aluminum
• Available in "Clear or Privacy Pebble" finishes
• Keep your home safe and secure by Installing your "Safety Well" basement window well covers using our patented & secure "SAF-T Lock Locking System
• Supports a minimum of 250 lbs when installed using our "SAF-T Lock" Locking System
• 21 stock sizes to choose from so you can be sure that you can find a cover that will fit over any size basement window well
• As always, send us a template and we will custom cut your cover for you
• When measuring for the correct size cover be sure to choose a cover large enough to fit over the entire window well opening plus a minimum 1/2“ overhang around the perimeter
• Any of our 21 covers can be trimmed to the profile of any shape or type window well for a perfect fit. See "Installation Instructions" for more details
• Meets or Exceeds "IBC & IFC Building Codes"
•10 Year Limited Warranty

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48" x 26" WIndow Well Cover

Covers any window well up to 48" wide and 26" projection

Simply install and cut it to the profile of the well on site

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