3-Step Aluminum Basement Window Well Egress Escape Ladder

Model: 3ESL
Price: $79.98

Product Description

                The "Safety Well" Model 3ESL Aluminum 3-Step Basement Window Well Egress Escape Ladders are designed to assist all family members in a quick and safe escape from the basement level of the home in case of emergency. It is made with Structural Grade Aluminum Angle and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Aluminum angle rungs include anti-slip tape for a safe non-slip stepping surface. The 3ESL is designed for use in typical corrugated steel wells 42” to 54” in depth and can also be installed in other types of basement window wells (steel, concrete, plastic, brick, timber etc...) with alternative mounting hardware (not included). Assembles quickly with typical 7/16 wrenches or adjustable wrenches. The ladder installs securely with only 2 self-tapping sheet metal type screws into the basement window well. This product meets or exceeds IFC and IBC Building Codes and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Also choose from our selection of Professional Grade “Safety Well” Egress Basement Window Well Covers with 21 in stock sizes to choose from, that if not the correct size, can be trimmed to fit the profile of any basement window well and feature our “SAF-T Lock” locking system.


• The Model 3ESL 3-Step Egress Escape Ladder is designed for use in Basement Window Wells 42" to 54” inches in depth.
• Constructed of Structural Grade Aluminum Angle
• Anti-Slip Rung Tape Included
• Assembles and Installs in minutes
• Installs quickly and securely to typical Corrugated Steel Basement Window Wells using only two self tapping sheet metal type screws
• Typical for Corrugated Metal Wells but can also be mounted inside all types of Basement Window Wells (metal, concrete, plastic, block, timber etc…) with the use of alternative mounting hardware (not included).
• Meets or Exceeds IFC & IBC Building Codes
• 250lb. Weight Capacity
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Also see our "Safety Well" Basement Window Well Covers featuring our "SAF-T Lock" Locking System with 21 sizes to choose from

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