The Safetywell Advantage; protect your home and family against home invasion with a safetywell secure window well cover. window well covers lock down from inside using quick release pull pins for easy escape. Custom window well cover sizes Available!

The "Ultra Protect" Window Well Cover

The "Ultra Protect" Window Well Cover is designed to protect your home and family from the basement access areawalls leading into or, in case of an emergency, out of your basement. Covering your basement window wells with "Ultra Protect" window well covers will prevent accidental falls by your children, grandchildren, family pets, visitors, and yourself into open basement window wells, which can result in injury.

The Ultra Protect window well cover is designed to cover practically any type of basement window well. Areawall types most commonly seen today are corrugated metal, plastic, wood, and concrete.

Lifetime Guarantee - 100% satisfaction guarantee - Our window well covers are manufactured from 1/8 pebble finish polycarbonate - Constructed with structural grade aluminum - They can be trimmed to the window well profile for a perfect fit everytime!
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